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Moringa powder

Moringa Leaves Powder

Moringa leaves can be consumed fresh, cooked, or dried. There are numerous ways Moringa can be added to our diet like soup, shake, sprinkled over salads, rice, and made into a paste mixed with oil and ghee as sides.

Strip all the leaflets from the moringa tree. Discard yellow turned, damaged and infected leaves.

Wash the leaves in troughs using clean potable water to remove dirt. Wash again in distilled water. Drain each trough after each wash. Fresh water should be used to wash the leaves.

Strain the water in the leaves by placing it on a mesh tray for a small time period, till all the water droplets are removed.

Spread the moringa leaves in a controlled room, which is dust and dirt proof but with good ventilation. The leaves should be dried for a period of 5-7 days under shade till it loses the moisture completely.

The leaves can be consumed directly with seasoning or mixed with salads.

To make it into powder, ground the dried leaves under a strictly temperature-controlled grinder or blender or manually to ensure the grinding process does not create much heat, so that all the nutrients are restored.

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